May 4, 2021

Working with Beta Readers

Welcome to the Indie Writer Podcast where we talk about all things writing and indie publishing. Today Becca and I are excited to be talking about Beta Readers with Alex Morrissey.

Alex's professional career began when he wrote and drew a Nick Fury, SHIELD comic for Marvel. He then created for other publishers, such as DC and Dark Horse Comics. Following this, Alex became an art director, designing for companies such as Google and Condé Nast. 

He is the co-host of Draw Drink'n Podcast, a comic industry interview-based streaming show. His most recent novel, Blackfire, is a science-fiction/fantasy epic that blends a D&D adventuring party's dynamics with high-energy galactic action.



Resources Mentioned:


Edit Out Loud (Audio beta reading tool plus forum/exchange)

NaNoWriMo Forum

Keep up with our guest:

Twitter and Instagram - @JAlexMorrissey

Draw Drink'n Podcast


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Thanks everyone, and happy writing. 

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